Sammi’s Story

Sammi’s Story

Sammi was born in the morning on August 15, 1990.

Her parents were told that she had developmental problems. Within days she had her first surgery and at

6 months Sammi was again hospitalized with a respiratory infection. In 1991, at 11 months, Sammi

had open heart surgery. Her parents, John & Marcie, were hopeful during these early years.

But, in December of 2001 Sammi was back in surgery. This time to have a tube put in her heart. Her medications were beginning to prove ineffective and John & Marcie had to start thinking about Sammi’s “quality of life’, doing what they could to make her happy.

At 3:45 pm on December 21, 2002, just days before her 12th Christmas, Sammi passed away at home in John & Marcie´s arms with her sisters, Rachel and Maddi by her side.

Throughout all that Sammi had endured, her only concern was for the happiness of everyone she knew. John and Marcie never told Sammi that she was dying, but they believe that she understood what everyone was going through. She shared her time here, giving “unconditionally’ of herself.

Sammi´s family chose to dedicate Sammi Rae of Hope to all that was good about Sammi. It is, for them, a continuing legacy to the

memory of their loving daughter, Sammi Rae Tuffelmire.